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The Big Bike Hunt

A citywide scavenger hunt taking place in Los Angeles, Summer 2018.

  • 5 teams of 5 contestants each
  • 5 bicycle grand prizes
  • 25 Retail participating partners throughout Los Angeles
  • Lots of cool consolation prizes.
  • 1 big bike hunt with cool music, art and bicycle reception


LA is a city with ever-growing cycling sub-cultures made up of working bike messengers, competitors, daily commuters, touring adventurers and health conscious trendsetters. This growing demographic ranges from mid teens well into the early 60s.

The Big Bike Hunt is partnering up with some of today's top cycling brands and some of our favorite locals to educate cycling safety and cultivate cycling fun awareness. We will collaborate with 25 local retail partners across LA communities who will host sign up stations for the scavenger hunt. 


  1. 5 bicycles will be parted out in 5 bundles of parts then hidden in secret locations across LA communities.
  2. To enter the contest people have to sign up at one of our participating retail loactions. (We will list the locations shortly)
  3. To win the prizes, teams will meet at The Crafty Pedal on hunt day and collect their list of clues that will lead them to the bike bundles. 
  4. Each team will have 5 hours to decipher clues to locate where their parts are hidden. 
  5. Once all bike parts have been collected, each team must assemble their bicycle utilizing all the parts on their list. 
  6. The first team to assemble and ride their working bike across a short distance finish line will win our grand prize - All 5 BIKES!   :-)

You excited yet?

Well, there is more!  but you will have to check back with us for more details. In the mean time you can sign up to be part of our scavenger hunt by emailing us at:


Subject line; I want a bike!