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Ride to work day pit stop 6x6


Join us for our 2nd annual Ride to Work Day Pit Stop in DTLA.

We will be on 7th and Hope Streets in DTLA.

Join us for a complimentary cup of coffee provided by REYES COFFEE ROASTERS along with some yummy sweets.

We will have free t shirts and stickers for the first few cyclists. 7AM to 9AM

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On A Mission - A cycling adventure for hope.

I love History, I love Cycling and I love my home state of California! . . . . THIS IS AN INIVITE TO FOLLOW MY NEXT CRAZY ADVENTURE ACROSS CALI!

On June 7th I will venture off to ride my bike to all 21 historic missions across California. Spanning from San Diego to Sonoma. I will roughly follow the old Spanish El Camino Real historic route.

Over 600 miles of cycling adventures!

* I will be updating the preparations leading up the take off date. Once in route I will blog and update the travel adventures on social media.

1 - San Diego De Alcala - San Diego
2 -San Luis Del Rey de Francia - Ocean Side
3 - San Juan Capistrano - San Juan Capistrano
4 - San Gabriel Arcangel - San Gabriel
5 - San Fernando Rey de España - Mission Hills
6 - San Buena Ventura - Ventura
7 - Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara
8 - Santa Inés Solvang
9 - La Purisima Conception - Lompoc
10 - San Luis Obispo de Tolosa - San Luis Obispo
11 - San Miguel Arcangel - San Miguel
12 - San Antonio de Padua - Fort Hunter Liggett
13 - Nuestra Señora de la Soledad - Soledad
14 - San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo - Carmel
15 - San Juan Bautista - San Juan Bautista
16 - Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz
17 - Santa Clara de Asis - Santa Clara
18 - San José - Fremont
19 - San Francisco de Asis - San Francisco
20 - San Rafale Arcangel - San Rafael
San Francisco Solano - Sonoma



Stretching from San Diego to Sonoma, the 21 missions of Alta California are storied reminders of California and our nation's past. Few regions of the world have such a physical, visual timeline of a nation's growth and development.

In 1769, under order of the Spanish king, sea and land expeditions departed Mexico for California, meeting in San Diego where the first fort and mission were established to serve as frontier outposts. The King sent military troops and Franciscan missionaries to the new land to colonize the territory and convert its Indian inhabitants to Christianity.

Over 54 years, four forts, or presidios, and twenty-one missions were founded along the California coast. Some of these sites eventually evolved into the state's major cities, including San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Jose and San Francisco.

Founding of the California missions began seven years before the American Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and ended 25 years before gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in 1848. Mission expansion came to an end in 1823, when mission bells rang in Sonoma.

The California Missions Foundation was created in 1998 as the only organization dedicated to restoring and protecting all 21 mission structures and their contents, with the goal of preserving California's rich history.

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Paulys Project - Donation Day

Join us this Sunday June 2nd as we collect Hygiene and food supples to be distributed at the 5th Annual “GIVING BACK” event by Pauly’s Project on June 8th.

We will be at The Crafty Pedal from 12 Noon to 3PM accepting and organizing donations to prepare our pancake Breakfast, Hugiene kits and T-shirts.

We hope you can join us and help us spread the word.

For more details on Pauly’s Project please visit:

Volunteers and donations are always appreciated!