Peanut Butter & Jelly Care Packages

On our first Care package Charity project some people asked us for sweets. This inspired our 2nd project.

For April 14th we decided to make our Care Packages a bit more fun and enjoyable. We wanted to also cater to the children we did not anticipate on our first run. We figured who does not love Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. This time around with the help of a few friends we made over 300 PNJ's we hoped would extend 300 homeless smiles. 

Well, that was not the case. While many people embraced our generous contributions It was sad to see an equal amount of people turning down our sandwiches and or demanding other things. It turns out that we were not the only ones who cared about helping less fortunate people in Skid Row.  We found out that there are lots of organizations who make unselfish efforts. Unfortunately, along with the self gratification of helping people in need the sad reality is that most of these people expect it and demand our contributions. I realize this mal-accustoms people to think they can settle for street life and expect kind people to support them. 

This left me with mixed emotions and a battered soul. This was not the case when I was homeless. So what next? is it selfish to want to help? or is it more selfish to look the other way?

Lets see what our 3rd project has in store. 

Our first Care Package Project

As a child I was thought to never take more than I can give. I can't recall where or who I learned this from, but its a valuable lesson I have lived by well into my adulthood. Growing up poor in and out of DTLA and having briefly called my car home, I understand the pains of pride and sadness one experiences in these unfortunate heart breaking situations. It is these lessons that have inspired our Care Package Project. 

We started the Care Package Project March 4th, 2017. We no financial support or a dedicated team to count on I created a facebook event page and invited people to donate and help us with our new project. Our event page showed some interest, but leading up to our big day we received little to no donations. Fortunately a good friend at a local sofa manufacturer The Sofa Company in Redondo Beach learned about our small charity project and raised over $200 in supplies for us to create our first 150 Care Packages. We shared this generous contribution to our facebook event friends and soon after received two more generous donations. This along with a hefty contribution from my pocket we created 150 Care Packages that included toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, creams, deodorants, sanitary napkins, soaps, foods, socks, scarfs, hats, sweaters, blankets and other toiletries we distributed around DTLA's Skid Row. 

I wish I could say this made us feel good about ourselves. Instead we realized that all of our efforts were not enough to help all the homeless people in need we wished we could assist. Walking through Downtown streets we were faced with people who needed more than food, more than medicine or clothing. 

Some people were very grateful, some greeted us with tears of joy and relief. Others faugh each other for our donations only to resale them in the streets. It was hard to hand pick who needed our contributions more. It was hard to turn junkies away. It was even harder walking away empty handed knowing so many more people needed more Care packages. 

So we decided to do it again.