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Oh Snap's Profile


I wanted to interview Oh Snap in person, but El Compa just moved out of state. Cool Cat I me on one of my first rides over 7 years or so. 


  • Whats your name or nick name you go by? 99% of people know as Osnap 
  • Where are you from? I'm from the District of Columbia aka Washington D.C aka the DMV 
  • Where do you live now? I just moved to Florida from Hollywood, California 
  • How long have you been riding bikes? My entire life 
  • How long have you been riding bikes in groups / Midnight Ridazz? I started riding group rides late 2008 and got heavy in 2009
  • What do you like best about cycling in LA? The diversity of different personalities. 
  • Do you have a favorite bike route or destination? Sepulveda damn or under the 6th street bridge. Both are amazing spots and have a lot of film history. 
  • Are you a member of a cycling club? I was a MoM a very very long time ago and left to join another club.  Beastside Bicycle clan fo fo fo lyfe (<---- Kenny Omega joke) 
  • What is your favorite group ride in LA? RWNN and I'm obviously going to say Monday Night Rehab.
  • What kind of bike do you ride? I ride a Geekhouse Rockcity pursuit and my mini small. Both get a lot of attention and both are a 1 of a kind. 
  • Does your bike have a name? If so, what and why? I never named my Geekhouse and never will. The mini small is the only bike with a name. It's 2 bmx frames made to make a a mini tall bike.
  • What are your top three favorite cycling moments? Leading my first bike ride, Cancelled  and doing the Wolfpack All city ride on the mini small (probably the hardest ride of done in all the years of group rides) 
  • Name three good friends you've meet in the cycling community? This is a loooonnnnnggg hefty list. They know who. 
  • Do you have a favorite riding buddy? Bike Club 
  • Biggest riding pet peeve? Ricky bobbying.... Can't stand people that just want to go as fast as possible on group rides. Also people asking way to many questions. 
  • If you could change one thing about the group riding scene in LA what would it be? The drinking. People drink beyond the limits they can handle and end up injuring themselves or other people.  Watched a lot of people make love to the pavement over the years because of it. 
  • Any advise you would like to share with other cyclists? Don't ride like an asshole. You piss someone off enough...they will run your ass over. It's also counterproductive to the bigger picture of cycling. 
  • If you saw TRUMP riding a bike down the street would you say anything to him? The king troll of all internet trolls..I would go for the picture. 
  • Any thoughts you want to share? The timing of the interview is interesting because it's before the last ride I lead in LA. I haven't done it in pretty long time, the faces have changed and being out of leading for 2 years I'm kinda nervous to do it. You would think after years of leading MNR for years, numerous 2nd Friday rides, random rides, etc that wouldn't be the case. I'm sure it will be fine. I wish i could give some great advice to people leading.... I guess... do what you want to do and if people like it keep doing it. 
  • Something you would like to share? I have a movie